Within the world of coffee, there are many different ways to brew, each highlighting certain characteristics of taste and mouthfeel.

If you were to take one particular roast of coffee, brew it with multiple brew methods, and compare each brew, you would find that each brew method exhibits the coffee in its own unique way.

Here are our recommendations for brewing Two Cities coffee beans in various brew methods to bring forth the coffees' vibrant tasting notes.



Before choosing a particular brew method below, we would like to note a couple tips that apply to all brew methods:

  1. COFFEE FRESHNESS: Always brew fresh coffee. We roast our coffee beans fresh-to-order, ensuring you receive your coffee at its highest potential of taste and aroma. For maximum freshness and the most vibrant character, look for the beans' roast date and use the beans within 28 days of that roast date.
  2. GRINDING TO BREW: Always grind just the amount of coffee you will immediately brew right after you grind it. It is best not to grind an extra quantity of coffee at one time that will sit, as coffee begins to lose freshness immediately upon grinding it. We recommend using a burr grinder as it provides the most uniformity in grind size as compared to a blade grinder or other method.
  3. GRIND SIZE: Each brew method requires a particular grind size of the coffee beans. Remember to grind your beans to the setting that matches your brew method.
  4. WATER: We recommend using spring or filtered water to brew.
  5. BEAN STORAGE: Always store your coffee beans in a cool, dry place out of the sunlight. Never store coffee beans in the refrigerator or freezer, as coffee beans are very absorbent and easily take in tastes and smells from items around them in conditions such as these.

For more in-depth info. on brewing, visit our brew blog.