A new command I give you: Love one another
-John 13:34

Part of our mission is giving to those in need. To accomplish this, a portion of the proceeds from every pound of coffee purchased from Two Cities Coffee is given to Medical Ministries International (MMI), a non-profit organization based out of Clovis, CA.

Literal tons of life-giving medical supplies are thrown into the landfill every year. MMI is working to change that. Hospitals, medical facilities, and individuals, primarily in California’s Central Valley, donate medical supplies to MMI, which then ships those supplies to places in need all around the world.

Teams of MMI staff and volunteers travel worldwide to run medical clinics and deliver medical supplies to communities in need in various countries.  Most importantly, MMI is committed to sharing the Gospel and love of Christ to those they serve. In effect, the efforts of MMI are contributing to providing better health for people all across the world.

"Medical Aid Supplying Hope"