Hello friend!

As partner owners of Two Cities Coffee Roasters, we all three do a little of just about everything in our family business.

From Coffee Cuppings, to collaborating on ideas of new products and designs, to building our coffee roaster and coffee carts ourselves, to recipe development, to being brand ambassadors sharing about who we are & what we are about - we all work together and play many roles. But of course, we each have areas that we specialize in and concentrate on.

We all love our wholesale and retail coffee family and each do everything we can to ensure that we provide you with high quality, handcrafted products and Exceptional services in all aspects of our business.

Here is a little about each of us:


Rick with roaster at The Frappe House.jpg

Rick Reeves

Master Roaster, Barista, Builder, Coffee Technician, Overall Facilitator

Rick is our head roaster, directing and crafting the fine details to make each roast profile the best that it can be. He enjoys being on the espresso machine and manual brew bar. Designing and building our coffee roaster, Rick truly has built a work of art that we showcase in our roastery and at farmers markets and events. Rick is mechanically-minded, can maintain just about any piece of equipment, and build just about anything we request for him to think up and make!


Yoli Reeves

Event/wholesale coordinator, Barista, Space design, Smile Creator

Yoli largely coordinates our community, public, and private events. In addition, she communicates with our wholesale coffee partners to ensure all their coffee needs are met quickly and efficiently. Yoli enjoys sharing about our coffees and preparing your favorite drinks. She is gifted in decorating our roastery and mobile carts. Yoli loves talking with people and making them feel welcome and appreciated in our roastery and at events we participate in. 



Chelsea Reeves

Barista, Photographer, Social media, Design

Chelsea loves continually learning new skills and concepts and applying those to products, packaging, and digital design. Chelsea takes most of our pictures and videos, & dreamed up and runs our Roastery Views page celebrating our local area. She communicates the life of Two Cities Coffee through social media and shares with our digital community new and current products and services we offer. Chelsea highly enjoys crafting you a delicious cup of coffee, tea, or treat to drink and loves sharing her passion for you joining us in making a global and local impact.