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Two Cities Coffee Roasters is rolling out new exciting adventures for Fresno and Clovis, CA!

INTRODUCING Two Cities Coffee Roasters Rolled Ice Creamery! We have brought a new concept to the Valley: to be the 1st rolled ice cream shop here, but also combining it with a coffee & tea bar. Our 1st of these locations is in Old Town Clovis , in our hometown with more creameries and coffee house/roastery locations to come. We are so excited to share this with you, as we have been working on this for quite some time.

Our Old Town Clovis location address is 608 4th Street just off the corner of 4th and Pollasky!

At our Rolled Ice Creamery, enjoy watching your rolled ice cream being prepared to order, as our ice cream bases and mix-ins are poured on a metal frozen disc, chopped together to mix, scraped into a thin layer to freeze, rolled, and capped with delicious toppings. Also enjoy a selection of your favorite Two Cities coffee, tea, peach tea, and other drinks, as well as Two Cities latte & drink-inspired rolled ice cream offerings. 

Just like every drink we craft and the coffee beans we roast ourselves, our ice creams are artisan handcrafted, with close attention to detail. Using fresh, local, organic, high-quality ingredients, we celebrate our hometown and California's Central Valley! 

Follow our @twocitiescoffeeandrolledice (IG & FB) page on info and happenings focused on these Creamery/Coffee locations! And @twocitiescoffeeroasters (IG) (@TwoCitiesCoffeeRoasters on FB) for broader info on events and products of our company as a whole!

See you soon!


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