Two Cities Coffee Roasters

Est. 2013

Two Cities is a family-owned retail and wholesale business, birthed out of a desire to change the world and a love for everything coffee, of course! We enjoy exploring the world's vast array of coffees and want you to join us!

We love coffee. We love people. We love sharing with people about coffee.

The thought of owning and running our own coffee business had been a dream of Yoli's for years after visiting a coffee shop in a small town while on a family road trip in 2001. Travelling through life, the dream of "That would be neat to do someday" was a lingering background thought to raising kids and enjoying life as a family of 5! As Yoli and her husband Rick's kids grew into adults, Yoli's love of coffee was inherited by Rick and the rest of the family.

Rick's curiosity about coffee grew as he became interested in what it would be like to roast his own coffee. He ordered green coffee beans of various origins and we as a family began to discover just how different coffees from each region and country can taste. He began to share these discoveries with friends and family, researched the intricacies of the craft of roasting, and grew more and more passionate about his new-found hobby of roasting. Discovering that roasting coffee well required A LOT of trial and error, hard work, & dedication, Rick was determined to not only roast coffee but to roast coffee well, highlighting each beans individual notes and aromas.

Meanwhile, Rick and Yoli's daughter Chelsea began learning about coffee through her job and entered the specialty coffee industry. Surprisingly not connecting her new profession in the coffee industry to her dad's new hobby, Chelsea enjoyed being a barista and discovering how coffee can impact and connect people from around the world. Having majored in social science in college; loving history, geography, & cultures; and seeing global needs, Chelsea acted upon a long-time desire to travel overseas on a missions trip. So she signed up in the spring of 2013 to travel that summer to the South Pacific to help host medical clinics with Medical Ministries International (MMI), a local Clovis non-profit organization that her and her family already loved volunteering with. Chelsea, Rick, and Yoli began to plan ways to fund Chelsea's volunteer travels.

Latte art heart
Why not sell our freshly roasted coffee beans to friends, family, and anyone inspired to give to the cause....

And from there, Rick, Yoli, and Chelsea Reeves very quickly agreed that we wanted to make coffee roasting in our hometown of Clovis, CA a family business. And we did. And from there, Yoli's long-time thought of owning her own coffee business began to unfold into reality. Dreaming from the beginning of travelling to coffee regions in other countries, and determining from the start that we wanted to give back to global and local causes, our excitement for this new journey grew. After raising the needed funds, Chelsea traveled on her month-long medical trip, while Rick designed and began to build his very own unique professional coffee roaster.

With a background in maintenance and fabrication, Rick combined two loves together, fabricating each piece of metal for our roaster, painting each component, and assembling the pieces, with a little assistance and input from Yoli and Chelsea. Late nights; many, many cups of coffee; and several hundreds of hours later, we built our professional coffee roaster by hand. Hearing those first beans tumbling in our newly crafted roasting machine/art piece was exciting, rewarding, and inspiring.

Having specifically built our roaster to also be mobile, we transported our roasting operations to farmers markets and events and crafted specialty coffee drinks for our community and new-found coffee family. This has become a beloved Two Cities Coffee tradition, providing mobile roasting and public/private mobile coffee bar service in addition to our roastery. Rick and Yoli's other two adult children occasionally jump in to take orders and craft drinks, truly making our love of coffee a family operation.

Cooling bin black and white

 With Chelsea having seen first-hand the impact that MMI makes in countries they send medical supplies to & host clinics in and having traveled with MMI's founders, catching their passion for global medical aid, we knew we wanted to give back to their cause. So for every bag of coffee we sell, we give a portion of the proceeds to MMI, enabling us and our coffee family to participate in making a global and local impact through their efforts to improve global medical care. In addition we give to local non-profits making an impact in our two cities and California's Central Valley.

Why the name Two Cities Coffee Roasters?

After a name change and rebrand, we emphasize what our company and passion is now more than ever. Our name Two Cities Coffee Roasters has a two-fold purpose. (1) It symbolizes the Clovis & Fresno area of California where we are located (Clovis) and operate (Clovis & Fresno). Although our roastery is in Clovis, we have always loved roasting, doing events, and connecting with people in both cities and their surrounding areas through our coffee. Also, through our resources and relationships with our community, we love helping to meet community needs. We love our two cities and enjoy celebrating them everyday. (2) Similarly, we love to connect with our partners and coffee family in other cities and other areas, as well as making global impacts with every bag of coffee you purchase from us.


We apply our ever growing knowledge of the art of coffee roasting and barista skills to all that we do. Staying true to roasting only organic coffee beans, we not only provide a product that is not grown with chemicals or pesticides but also prevent the detrimental physical results that high long-term exposure to these chemicals could bring to the farmers growing our coffees. All of our coffee beans are fair trade and/or relationship sourced, ensuring that the farmers and growers of our coffee beans are paid fairly for their product. Also roasting some rainforest alliance beans, we hope to help preserve and grow the earth's rainforest and animal populations that have been harshly affected by the world's global growth in industry and production. All of our beans are 100% Arabica specialty-grade coffees, among the highest quality beans grown & roasted in the world. Freshly roasting our coffee beans to order, we provide our wholesale and retail coffee family with an experience of flavors and aroma that only truly fresh roasted coffee can bring. We strive to be leaders in the coffee industry in our area and to introduce innovative new products, brew methods, tastes, and concepts to our community. We hope to take you on a journey of discovering our findings of the effects of origin, roast levels, and brew methods on the taste, aroma, and mouthfeel of coffees from around the world. 

But it's never been just about coffee. It's ultimately all about people.

In the midst of loving coffee, we care about and love people more. Wherever we are and whatever we do, we hope to positively impact YOU. Whether that's shaking your hand, giving you a hug, making you smile with glee at the taste of your delicious Two Cities iced coffee, latte, or iced peach tea; or flooding your heart with joy as you treat your kiddo to their favorite orange cream, we hope to make your day and your life a little bit brighter! Bringing you joy brings us joy and excitement to continually bring you innovative new products and discoveries.

Join us on our coffee adventures.